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Toff spray on bedliners protect your investment, looks super, and performs to the highest standards. Toff spray in bedliners is so confident that we will exceed your expectations that we challenge you to put your truck liner to the test by hauling aggressive cargo such as gravel, chemical or fuel products. We stand behind our bed linings and we guarantee that you will be proud of your decision to protect your investment with Toff sprayed bedliner. Artlux Europa s.l. provides you with a complete product line, equipment.
You have NOW the chance to join our succesful TOFF licensee´s in an industry entering the stage of widespread consumer awareness and explosive growth.
The purpose of this presentation is to furnish you with enough information about our products and the incredible business oportunity they may offer you artlux we are offering you not only a product but a business : with TOFF sprayed-on bedliners, you have the chance to start an easy to stablish, profitable center in the automovil after market business. The entrepreneurs that have joined us seized this oppotunity to start their own business or add a new profit center to their existing activity / business.You have NOW the chance to join our succesful TOFF licensee´s in an industry entering the stage of widespread consumer awareness and explosive growth. TOFF is a high-performance 100% solid polyurethane obtained by mixing two component parts at the point of aplication : The two chemical components are combined in the mixing tube moments before leaving the spray gun, resulting an ISO-elastomer that becomes solid in just seconds. The fast reaction allows for multiple coats, adding up to any desired thickness during just minutes of repeated application, with no harm for the environment. ¿Qué es TOFF? RECUBRIMIENTO DE PROTECCION PERMANENTE
artlux ha desarrollado y patentado su propia formulación química no igualada en el mercado, así como el primer equipo de pulverizado "Plug-N-Spray". Los recubrimientos TOFF ofrecen a sus clientes, los productos más duradero
TOFF es un isoelastomero proyectable, 100% sólido, que protege a las superficies del desgaste y la corrosión y no dañino con el medio ambiente ya que no se utilizan disolventes orgánicos volátiles (VOC) ni halogenuros de carbono (CFC).TOFF es un recubrimiento extremadamente duradero debido a sus propiedades mecánicas y a sus cualidades químicas. Resiste el impacto, el desgaste y el stress o fatiga mecánicos. También resiste, excrementos animales y la acción de productos químicos como aceites, ácidos, gasolinas etc. Artlux europa s.l. es la distribuidora en exclusiva para España y resto de Europa de las marcas TOFF y TEKEL. RECUBRIMIENTO DE PROTECCION PERMANENTE EL PROTECTOR DE TELAS CON MAYOR REPELENCIA. Artlux europa, s.l., recubrimientos de alto impacto y protección de telas


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